Charles-Yves Janssens

Project Manager - Operational Manager

Charles-Yves Janssens aka Charly. I started out my career as a Process Engineer for a technology company in the oil & gas refining industry. My first job experience enabled me to apply and further develop my chemical engineering background from university. Working as a Process Engineer, made me also figure out that my scope of interest went beyond a single process or industry. A process targets to have the same outcome every time and tries to limit any variability. A project however, is a temporary endeavour where all the different processes and people get to interact and align to achieve a common goal. That goal is getting the job done right within an agreed timeframe and budget, and keeping the many stakeholders in a project satisfied. Organisations and companies develop projects to ready themselves for the future. Working at Cyclops, you get to be part of that and drive projects during their whole lifecycle, from a blank sheet of paper to a happy customer. And the best thing about it, is that you get to do it with people that are as passionate as you about their job.


Stationsstraat 55, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

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