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Our Core Values

Building partnerships


No two projects are alike. That’s why our management processes are designed to provide flexibility through the project's lifecycle; we adapt our manner of working in function of the project’s needs.

Tropical Plant

We are convinced that we will only achieve long-term success, if we remain creative and responsible in all our activities, including protection of humanity and the environment.

Environmental Awareness
Man Looking Through a Window

Cyclops is an independent company, not dependent of any contractor or supplier. We aim for continuous improvement through value engineering.  With Cyclops, no pre-packaged formulas, since you need a solution that fits your industry.


We set positive expectations of others and ourselves. We plan and work for success by choosing to contribute rather than criticize and look to the future with enthusiasm.


“Things do not happen, they are brought about.”,

John M. Hay.


We believe we can positively influence a situation by doing something about it.


Risk management is about identifying risks, both internal and external, to the successful completion and implementation of the project. Risks, be they technical, political, human, financial or regulatory are systematically managed throughout the project life cycle. Of course, Cyclops is properly licensed and insured for any sized project.

Mutual trust
& Respect

We like to earn your respect and trust, by providing consistent high quality services. We remain close to you, making sure your needs are always fully understood and ensuring thereby confidentiality and defensibility.

The Contract

As a dedicated partner, we consider the responsibility for your project as a normal part of our job. We keep our promises, especially when it is difficult. We make only those commitments on which we can consistently deliver and act in our clients’ best interests.

& Integrity
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