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Cyclops at ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal Belgium recently inaugurated one of the most efficient and sustainable blast furnaces in the world. And we are proud to be part of that project.

Steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal has two blast furnaces in Ghent, A and B. In these blast furnaces, iron ore, sinter and coke are converted into liquid hot metal at high temperature. After more than 2 decades of operation, blast furnace B had to be renovated. The goal of this renovation was to make the blast furnace one of the most efficient, modern and sustainable ones in the world, in terms of productivity and lower CO2 emissions. The blast furnace was completely rehabilitated and equipped with the most modern systems.

Thanks to optimized design, as well as the increased safety concepts, the blast furnace process is more efficient. The techniques implemented make it possible to use fuel more efficiently, recycle wood waste and inject industrial gases and end-of-life plastics.

Cyclops supported the ArcelorMittal project team in the overall coordination and management of the project. Our team provided among other:

- project management support

- budget and cost tracking

- overall schedule management

- procurement support

- administration support

We are very pleased with this successful collaboration with the world’s biggest steel manufacturer. And what is also important: this project contributes to Cyclops’ ambition to work on and develop sustainable projects.

We sincerely hope that the current collaboration with ArcelorMittal can be extended to future projects.

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