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Cyclops Days and why they are a big part of our DNA

The Cyclops Days are somewhat of a legend in our company. People look forward to them all year long and newcomers have heard stories about them long before they've experienced one. Before you get to thinking about wild and debauched bacchanals, that's not what a Cyclops Day is about. At least, not entirely. 😉

Foremost it’s an opportunity to inform the people about the company. As a company we chose for openness and transparency. And that's exactly why twice a year we give our employees an update on the status of the objectives, the financial situation and the challenges we are facing. Why? It's simple. We want them to care! We want them to be engaged and to above all identify with the company they work very hard for. That, in our humble opinion, can only be the case if they have all the info. The business update is given by our CEO and before the update you can send all kinds of questions and all of them are answered. It happens in an open and constructive way, making you feel like you are a important part in the wheel that spins. It gives us the confirmation that we are all in this together.

But there is another reason why we have our Cyclops Days. They give us the chance to see and get to know each other. In a year lots can happen: new people start, others unfortunately leave as well, projects come to an end and others start, our organizational structure changes and sometimes we endure unforeseen challenges, like we’ve seen the last few months with the COVID19 pandemic. People are on projects and though we keep in touch through phone, in our joint WhatsApp group and Teams, nothing beats face-to-face contact.

Fun is an important value for our company and a big part of our DNA. I still remember the day I joined Cyclops, in a small co-working space, a company of about 10 people passionately working along with the founders to create added value in the project management world. Now we are almost 50 and a lot has changed over the years, except for two things. We are still passionate about what we do and we still have a lot of fun. We keep investing in these Cyclops Days in order to be the company we want to be and to attract and keep the people we want to grow with. And in all honesty, nobody can party like we do.

At the end of it all, we strive for engagement by creating a great company culture. The Cyclops Days are a big part of it. We are a team with big goals, and we are pushing ourselves to achieve them. Nothing wrong with that. A Cyclops Day is a way to thank and to celebrate. To many more years to come and great Cyclops Days.


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