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One of the most important things for Cyclops is its people. They are the business cards of our company and what makes Cyclops a great place to work! That is why it is crucial to keep on investing in them. Ever since the beginning of Cyclops we think it’s very important to know who you are, in order to connect with other people. Therefore we decided to organise a DISC workshop for all our employees.

DISC stands for Dominance (red), Influence (yellow), Steadiness (green) and Compliant (blue). It is an assessment tool that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. DISC creates a unique style of communication and self-awareness that allows us to understand ourselves and other people better. In the DISC model there are four main types of behaviour: People-oriented or Task-oriented on the one hand, and Reserved or Active on the other hand. Every person on the planet is a combination of those four types and none of us is the same. When taking the DISC assessment you will discover more about yourself and your co-workers. Having all this information will help you understand their priorities and how those may differ from your own.

Why and how is this important for a company, one could ask. When you want your company to grow you need to recruit the right people for the job. We discovered that understanding personal strengths, challenges and skills are the true keys to success and we are convinced that everyone should gain insights in his or her unique behaviour profile. The insights we gained during the workshop have given us the opportunity to improve the quality of our team and build more effective workplace relationships.

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