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"Cyclops is really a unique engineering company.”

After completing his chemical engineering studies, Thierry first started working at a fast-paced start-up in Brussels. Three years ago, he joined Cyclops where he dived into project management challenges. How Thierry experienced his role as a Project Engineer for Cyclops? Find it out here below.

"Searching for a company where you can learn, take on responsibility and create your own story? Then look no further! Cyclops is really a unique engineering company.

Is the job complete for us when we have defined the best technological solution? No! We are only satisfied when this solution is also built on time and on budget at our customer's site.

Helping clients to select and buy the right equipment really motivates me. I like to investigate whether civil, utilities or software changes are also required and get energized when I´m able to support the purchasing and installation stages. It goes without saying that we work in production facilities, so we communicate with operators and management on a daily basis.

I started 3 years ago after completing my degree in chemical engineering. Back then, I had little knowledge about project management, so Cyclops trained me thoroughly and gave me responsibility over a project to put my learnings into practice. But it didn’t stop there. Cyclops kept pushing me out of my comfort zone by giving me sales responsibilities as well.

Fast-forward to 2022. Since starting at Cyclops, I’ve worked for 4 clients (Pauwels Sauzen, Sea-Tank, GSK and Kellogg) in 3 different industries. It is still a fantastic journey with even more opportunities than when I started.

Curious? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!"

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