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PB Leiner is one of the largest gelatin and collagen producers worldwide, and part of Tessenderlo Group. They were the first to market cold-soluble gelatin, thus simplifying the life of many a professional and hobby cook. But gelatin and collagen are also a vital ingredient in many other sectors, such as pharma, health and beauty, and technical applications. Collagen, for example, being a rapidly absorbed protein source, has clear health benefits for sports performance, protecting joints and reducing joint pain. And did you know that gelatins are even used in photographic films and papers?

For more than three years now, Cyclops is proud to call itself a partner of PB Leiner’s plant in Vilvoorde. Together with the in-house engineering department, Cyclops’ project engineers and managers have been able to realize several important projects. These will ensure PB Leiner’s key-position in the gelatin market for the upcoming years and will provide the necessary capacities to develop even more innovative products.

PB Leiner was one of Cyclops’ first clients. We are very happy and honoured that we have been able to share so many experiences over the past few years and we hope to continue to do so in the future.

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