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A year ago, our sister company started its journey in the world of Change and Interim Management. Their goal is to help companies in making their organizations future proof. Not only by defining the organizational way forward but by also implementing it. “Walk the talk”, as Phoenixs’ CEO Rob De Luyck mentioned in his first speech in November 2019.

Phoenixs started its first mission at Providentia, a social housing company active in 27 cities. Providentia realizes constructions for social homes, for renting or buying purposes. The company also mediates in applying for social loans, for the purchase or renovation of a private and social homes. It also manages a patrimony of more than 3200 rental properties.

The first step was interviewing the various employees of the maintenance department of Providentia to get some insights and to have a deeper understanding of the organization and culture. During these first observations, some things stood out. It was clear that help was required in bringing a structure that everybody can follow. In doing that, improvement will be felt in team spirit and efficiency.

This was the main focus in the beginning. Department meetings were installed, along with personal guidance and support for the team members. An open landscape office was created for the benefit of the whole organization.

In the second phase, they looked at the different departments and how the projects were realized. This resulted a complete reorganization of the methodology of doing projects. In this Cyclops had a hand as a Project Management partner. Today both companies continue to work on the internal and external processes within the various services of Providentia.

Providentia is a perfect example of the great collaboration between our two companies, Phoenixs and Cyclops, combining Interim and Change Management with Project Management in this mission.

The future is still filled with exiting new ideas. Phoenixs has the ambition to grow and is currently looking for new people to join and support that growth.

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