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Reunited and it feels so good!

Last week we had the opportunity to finally come together again with our Cyclopes. How we've missed that these past 1,5 years! Anyone that knows Cyclops knows that the culture and atmosphere are an essential part of who we are as an organization. And honestly, this was hard to keep going and alive in the way were used to online. But then finally on Friday we could come together again for the annual Cyclops Day and it was in REAL LIFE! The focus this year was on safety, there were bubbles, precautions like testing were taken and it was in the outdoors, second focus was on getting back together and building the team.

Our Fun Team organized a getaway to Durbuy were we enjoyed different activities like hiking, kayaking and climbing in Adventure Valley. Later we were treated to a delicious BBQ and our Cyclops band Icaruss provided some music while the sun was setting. It was Coronaproof and most of all, fantastic to see all those happy faces!

To more days like this, soon.

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