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“Seeing the clients' idea turn into projects is the most rewarding aspect of my job.”

Jente Michel is one of the newest faces at Cyclops. As a Project Manager in Real Estate, he joined the Cyclops team almost two months ago. Having a degree in Industrial Engineering, with an option in Construction, the contractor world was a logical first step in his career. But after having worked several years for several contractors, he decided it was time to do what he likes most: helping people.

"Although I haven't worked for Cyclops for long, it already feels like I've found my place.

On my first day, the Business Unit Manager took me to meetings with clients, and in my first week I was allowed to write my first quote, which got accepted the same day. This shows that there is respect and trust, and that in return makes me want to strive for more.

The colleagues welcomed me with open arms, and the overall atmosphere among Cyclops feels like one big family. Even though, everyone has their own projects in Belgium and abroad, the Fun Team makes sure that we stay in touch with each other through trainings, team buildings and other events.

At Cyclops, the core values are very important, and I noticed that they are actually practiced. Honesty, respect, flexibility and fun are implemented everywhere and easily become standards to live by. Not only between colleagues, but also towards customers.

After 10 years of working for general contractors I’m finally doing what I like most: helping people. Because that’s what we do at Cyclops. We help clients with their requirements and needs from start to finish. Seeing the clients’ idea turn into a project description and even into actual projects is the most rewarding aspect of my job. This is something I’ve missed in prior jobs.

The projects are very challenging and a learning experience, but knowing that Cyclops has my back never makes them overwhelming. This will definitely help me grow, together with this company.

Challenging and fun times are ahead. I can’t wait to see what my Cyclops-future will bring!"

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