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Project Manager- Engineer

Since I joined Cyclops in 2016, I boarded a challenging journey that enabled me to work as a Project Manager for several companies in the food and petrochemical industry. These experiences, which range from first idea to start-up, enabled me to create a hands-on mentality.
I graduated cum laude at the university of Leuven with a Master of Science in biosystems engineering. My thesis, whose results were published in a prominent journal in food technology, described 3D printing of porous food simulants. Writing it, taught me to be proactive, dynamic and, since it is nowadays such a hot topic, a creative thinker.
As a team player in both hockey and sailing, I learned to assess people’s strengths and form these towards a common purpose. Being half Greek, half Belgian, I discovered already as a child that cultures have their differences. That has taught me to consider and combine multiple perspectives. This enhanced integrative complexity has helped me to be efficient and less susceptible to information overload, and to see what the important key issues are.

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