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Project Manager- Engineer

Having always had an inquisitive mindset and a big interest in sciences, I studied chemical engineering in my home country France.
I arrived in Belgium near the end of those studies. For my last internship, I worked as a Chemical Engineer on research and development in a company selling limestone and its derived products.
While looking for a new job I got in touch with Cyclops. From the first interview on, it was clear to me: this was not what I had in mind of doing … but it sure sounded like A LOT of fun!
Since then, I am still very happy to have made the choice of moving further away from what I studied than I initially thought, but clearly moving in the direction I want to move in.
During my years in Cyclops, I got to work on projects of different sizes, in different fields. My knowledge has expanded much more than I thought could happen in such a short time and I keep learning every day. And most importantly, I am where I want to be: in the middle of everything, in an industrial environment, making an impact every day and sharing that great feeling with an even greater group of colleagues looking for the same type of fun!

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