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Ruth Van Hellemont

Managing Partner - CEO

I graduated as a Bioscience Engineer at the KUL in 2001. To broaden my horizon and aboard new domains of interest, I completed my academic career with a Master of Science in Bioinformatics followed by a PHD at the department of Electrotechnical Engineering. Although I really enjoyed my time as researcher, those academic years also thought me that I am not a person for lab or computer work. I don’t get a thrill of fundamental research, but I do get a kick from collaborating with others and coordinating teams to reach common goals. I strive to make all people in a team perform at their best by setting clear goals and incorporating everyone’s strength to meet those goals.

It was clear: I wanted to become a project manager. And so, I did. Since 2007 I have performed numerous investment projects for major companies in food and beverage industry as well a Fast-moving consumer goods. Besides performing projects, I was able to develop my people-management skills on projects and beyond.

In 2015, I felt it was time for the next step: using my expertise as project manager and people manager to start up my own project management company. Today, almost 4 years later, I am very proud CEO from Cyclops, a company with 40 fantastic project engineers and managers and over 20 returning customers in food, pharma, logistics, chemical and R&D.

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