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Project Manager- Engineer

Chemical and Materials Engineering; Process Engineering; R&D projects

In July 2020 I graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Chemical and Materials Engineering with greatest distinction. During my studies I performed an internship as a R&D project engineer at Janssen Pharmaceutica. This was a dynamic and challenging environment and so when I started to look for a job, it was this environment that I looked for. I found this environment again at Cyclops, where I get the opportunity to develop myself in different areas while being surrounded by an inspiring and fun team.

I was given the opportunity to start at one of their clients, a leading medical device company, as a project manager. Here, I focus on small-scale concept and feasibility studies of R&D projects, with the goal to clarify the concept and mitigate the risks as much as possible before we start development. To do this, I work together with a multi-disciplinary team who translate the concept into reality and finally into a clinical release. My role in this is to ensure that the project stays within time and budget from start to finish, while preserving quality.

This role within the projects is the ideal fit for me because it allows me to be proactive and focus on the overall picture of the project, while still staying involved in the technical part of the project. This allows me to gradually get to know their medical device from a technical point of view. The position also allows me to communicate with different teams and different stakeholders, improving my soft skills every day.

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