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Master planning & Feasibility study

During a master plan study, we help our customer define and visualize the future of the factory. Based on sales forecasts and customer’s strategy, we define how the production environment needs to be structured and sized to achieve these goals.

During the feasibility study we identify and challenge all possible ways to achieve the project objectives. We define the technical solution, the realization schedule and the budget for the project.


During this phase, we detail the scope further to ensure a good overall coordination and provide enough detail to procure all scope items; specifications of all scope packages are elaborated, ready to be procured.



Besides completing tenders for all procurement packages, during this phase, we manage the complete procurement process: from supplier long listing, over introduction meetings, negotiations until final supplier selection and order placement. At the end of this phase all main packages are ordered.


During the execution we focus on coordination of all involved parties (engineering, suppliers, customer, safety, …) and we control budget, planning and quality. The project is realized as technically defined in the specifications, in a safe manner (zero accidents), within time and budget.


Commissioning & Qualification

During this project phase, we manage and document the testing, qualification and validation of the complete installation.

Project closing & Handover

To ensure a fluent start-up of production, we handover the complete installation with all required as-built documentation and all punchlists closed.

Master planning

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