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Cyclops as service provider for the KMO-Portefeuille


SME's in flandres


Up to 30% for small enterprises
Up to 20% for medium-sized enterprises

Up to €7,500 per year


Training and consulting by registered service providers, with the goal of improving the quality of your services

Cyclops is a registered service provider for the 'KMO-Portefeuille' (with the registration numbers for training DV.O219750 and advice DV.A219246). This means that after an internal audit Cyclops received a quality label from the Flemish Government. On the basis of this audit, Cyclops was recognized as a service provider for 5 years.  Via this quality label, we can offer Flemish SMEs and practitioners of liberal professions the possibility of benefiting from a subsidy measure which ensures that they can enjoy a more advantageous rate. 

Who can use the KMO-Portefeuille?

The checklist below allows you to verify your eligibility to apply for the 'KMO-Portfeuille':

  • Your enterprise is an SME (according to the European SME definition) or you practice a liberal profession, are self-employed or self-employed in a secondary occupation.

  • Your enterprise has an acceptable legal form.

  • Your establishment is located in the Flemish Region. The 'people working in your company' are also working there.

  • You are active in the private sector. The participation of an administrative authority is less than 25 percent.

  • Your company has an acceptable main activity.

Did you answer 'yes' five times? Then you are eligible for the 'KMO-Portefeuille'.

How much Subsidy can I receive? 

The size of your grants depends on the size of your business. As a small business, you enjoy up to 30% support. Medium-sized enterprises can count on 20% support. The maximum aid ceiling per year is 7500 euros.



Suppose you have € 5000 per year in advice costs with a recognized service provider of the KMO portfolio. Then you ask for a € 1500 subsidy (= 30% of the amount) from the government (the KMO portefeuille) and you pay € 3500 yourself. This last € 3500 is fully tax deductible just like the VAT that you pay directly to the service provider.

What services are eligible? 

Not all advice or training is eligible for intervention through the 'KMO-Portefeuille'. Strict guidelines must also be followed for the allocation of the subsidies. As a registered service provider for the 'KMO-portefeuille', under the pillars 'Training' and 'Advice', Cyclops can help support your business. 




What -> Written consultations - Primarily aimed at improving the current or future business functioning of the company

Who -> Employees in your company

Where -> At registered service providers

Content -> Focused on core processes of your enterprise (Nacebel codes) 

Purpose -> Advice enables you to take fundamental decisions that contribute to the strengthening, growth or transformation of your enterprise in Flanders

Examples of subsidized Advice: 

  • Master Planning: During a master plan study, we help our customer define and visualize the future of the factory. Based on sales forecasts and customer’s strategy, we define how the production environment needs to be structured and sized to achieve these goals.

  • Feasibility Study: During the feasibility study we identify and challenge all possible ways to achieve the project objectives. We define the technical solution, the realization schedule and the budget for the project.


Or other projects that focus primarily on strengthening your business. Two types of projects are eligible for subsidy: 

  • Written recommendations that analyze a problem, provide concrete advice, help create and implement an implementation plan.

  • Written recommendations that identify opportunities and solutions, map them and explore them.



  • The advice starts from a concrete problem statement and causes you to make business decisions based on analysis (research), advice (suggestions, counsel) and an implementation plan (action plan, roadmap, concrete advice).

  • The advice is in a written document.

  • The service costs a minimum of 500 euros.

  • You enter into an agreement with a registered service provider.

  • The advisory project must be completed by December 31 of the year following your request for support.

  • You apply for the support online from the conclusion of the agreement until a maximum of fourteen days after the start of the cooperation.

  • After the advisory performance, you will receive a personalized advisory report from your service provider.



What -> Training - Primarily aimed at improving the current or future business functioning of the company

Who -> Employees in your company

Where -> At a registered service provider

Content -> Focused on core processes of your company (Nacebel codes) 

Purpose -> To strengthen, grow or transform the enterprise in Flanders

Eligible for Training:

  • Introduction to Project Management: The Cyclops Methodology in 3 Days: developed for new project managers who have never had any formal training and who want to get a better grip on their projects.

  • Project Management Professional Preparation Course: The PMP® Prep Course: become familiar with Project Management standard terminology, methodology and procedures in a highly interactive class.



  • Distance learning (e-learning) can be requested if there is interaction with the instructor

  • The training costs a minimum of 100 euros (excluding VAT), including travel costs of the instructor and catering costs up to 25 euros per person, per day.

  • You enter into an agreement with a registered service provider. 

  • You sign an attendance list. 

  • You make your support request from the time of registration and up to ten days after the start of the classes. 

  • After the training, you will receive a personalized training certificate from your service provider.

Application procedure of the KMO portfolio subsidy

The application procedure for the SME portfolio is completely digital. If you want to apply for a grant for the first time, you must first register your company.



Each grant application is made online after you have entered into a consultancy agreement with your service provider.  Each grant application must be submitted no later than 14 days after the start date of the services.

You can start the application process here.

More information 

At you will find a lot of practical information.

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