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Building partnerships

Together we grow:

with each project we grow ourselves and we grow our customers.
At Cyclops we believe in empowering our clients and our colleagues with the best tools and practices. Challenging them by engaging them in the thinking process is an important factor. Cyclops offers trainings or certification preparation


We set positive expectations of others and ourselves. We plan and work for success by choosing to contribute rather than criticize and we look to the future with enthusiasm.

Having fun on projects and enjoying what you do leads to achieving better results.

Work hard, play hard.

It is important for us to earn your trust and respect, making sure your needs are always fully understood and thereby we ensure confidentiality and defensibility. Only when having the correct information and by being honest, can a project be well managed.

We deliver projects from start to finish, with and for our clients. We breath projects. Every day we put our people, methodology, expertise and experience at the service of our clients. Helping them to transform ideas into reality. It is what we do. It is what we love. Every day.

What we do together, we do better. That’s why we see our clients as our partner in projects. We analyze and realize every project in close relationship with them. We take ownership of the project. Finding out what the actual need is and challenging the proposed solutions with potentially better alternatives.

No two projects are alike.

That’s why our management processes are designed to provide flexibility trough the project's lifecycle - we adapt our way of working in function of the project's needs.

Cyclops stands for a nonstop focus and result driven Project Management. We keep our promises and consider the responsibility for (y)our project as a normal part of our job. We only make commitments that we can meet and fulfil consistently and act in the best interests of our clients.

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