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Start early in preparation of the turnaround with a well defined plan

Methodic and well-planned preparation phase will pave the way for a smooth and safe execution.

Learn from every turnaround and aim for continuous improvement


Our Mission

A core team accustomed to working in turnarounds provides hands-on support and expertise from the early preparation phases till start-up of the plant. Not by imposing a pre-defined methodology or software tool but by gathering all the relevant knowledge from within the company and incorporating these with the best practices and proven methods to eventually cultivate a mentality to systematically improve.

Our Vision towards TA Management

A turnaround is particularly complex due to the large amount of data to be collected, analyzed and shared again to all different stakeholders in many forms. Because of the predictive nature of turnarounds, the mistake is often made that simplification can be achieved by implementing a full-blown software application. However, despite the advantages digitalization brings, it undermines the fact that people remain the crucial link in the flow of work.


Cyclops’ approach to turnaround management concentrates on the human resources while making data, tools and procedures work for them instead of the other way around. We truly belief that this people-oriented focus is key to success in any project and is deeply rooted in Cyclops’ Project Management approach.


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