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Project Manager- Engineer

Procurement; Contract and contractor management; Construction management; Food industry.

Even before graduating with a Master degree in Bio-Engineering (VUB) back in 2010 I knew I didn’t want to limit myself to a lab-based or R&D job and wanted to be more in touch with the production- and industrial side of processes. That’s why I chose a career in engineering and project management. Since 2010 I had the chance to work on 20+ small and big CAPEX projects for about 12 customers, mainly in food- but also in (petro)chemical- and recently in pharmaceutical industry. These projects ranged from feasibility studies to greenfield constructions over process optimization, revamping of existing process lines and process line extension.

Being in a customer-based job our and my main purpose is to help our customers with the issues and challenges they are facing, in whatever form they are coming up. This makes it a challenging but also rewarding job, full of learning moments, possibilities to excel and develop yourself, to put to good use your soft- and hard skills but always ending in success thanks to the cooperation with project teams consisting of own colleagues, colleagues at the customer and suppliers and contractors.

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