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Cyclops launches new Business Units

At Cyclops, we believe that Project Management itself is a discipline in any project. At its core, each project will have a schedule, a budget, a risk inventory, a set of stakeholders and a set of changes, regardless of the field it is in. It will need a hands-on, proactive manager who controls all these factors.

Although in general the approach to Project Management is the same for all projects, every industry or every type of project has its unique challenges to which that approach must be tailored. At a certain moment, it even becomes a specific expertise within Project Management for each different industry sector.

We want to meet the needs of our clients in the best possible way. And that is exactly why Cyclops has decided to launch three business units. Each of them has a business unit manager with a broad experience in the specific type of projects. Our aim is to build teams that will focus on projects within that field of industry and build specific project management methods and tools for it.

General industry projects

Until now most of Cyclops’ projects have been industrial investment projects. For customers who are looking to setup and implement a master plan, expand production or warehousing capacities, or upgrade old installations to new ones. In each of these projects the classic industrial project flow is used. From feasibility to engineering, then to procurement and construction. And finally, the commissioning and handover. It was the starting position for Cyclops and therefore currently the biggest business unit.

Turnaround management

Cyclops has worked on a dozen shutdown projects, small and big. All of them need a thorough and diligent preparation phase. The level of maturity of a turnaround organization and methodology during the preparation phase is critical for a successful outcome with zero incidents and no re-work. You do not want to be stressed out when the fun starts: a 24/7 shutdown of a plant for several days or weeks, with hundreds of people on site, trying to manage each task by the hour.

Project Management during the preparation and the execution of a turnaround are very different from classic investment projects. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience in this field and are convinced that bringing together all these best practices will help us in serving our customers.

Real estate

Not all of the investment projects Cyclops has done, were industrial or technical. Sometimes the focus is not on production installations, but on the building itself. New housing areas, laboratories and office buildings have standards that differ from those of an industrial environment. The architectural part is more important and we know it. That is why our third business unit is called ‘Real estate’.

We firmly believe that the launch of our business units will enable us to serve our clients in an even better way and make them enjoy their projects even more. Therefore, we consider these first business units only as a beginning. As our project portfolio and expertise keep growing, we will identify along the way what domains require a specific project management profile and a specific tool set. This will lead to more business units in the future.

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