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Why do we call ourselves ‘independent partners’

The main reason why new colleagues join Cyclops is and will always be the love of project management and the thirst for continuous learning. But it is not the only reason. Many of them also took an interest in us because of our core values, like fun, proactiveness, flexibility, responsibility and integrity. But two of our most important values are independency, and mutual trust and respect. It is by being true to these values that we can provide successful services to our clients and be their ‘independent partners’.

Partnership is a key element in how we approach our projects. When starting a project with a client, our goal is always to become a long-term partner. We are operating in a B2B environment, but we always work with people. And we try to create an open environment in which collaboration can thrive. Establishing personal connection, trust and mutual respect. How do we achieve that?

Always, always, always listen to the client. Our core business is project management and we have experience in a range of fields, but the client knows his product! It is by understanding this and incorporating their feedback that we can find the best solution on the market for them.

Clearly define the goal and path to get there together. Define what are the roles, what is expected of each stakeholder. A successful project always creates the structure and forum that enables the right people to have their voice heard and feedback incorporated.

The other pillar on which we build the partnership with our customers is independency. We see independency as one of the key elements of our services. The only way to be a trustworthy partner for a customer is to be independent. Independent from suppliers and contractors. There are no pre-packaged deals. Any choice we make in a project is always driven by the costumer’s best interest. We give our clients the most transparent, comprehensive and exhaustive information about the market, the technical solution and the costs that come along with it. In doing so, we paint them a true picture of the conditions and enable them to take the decision that suits them best.

What is an independent partner in short?

It is a partner:

- who enables you to achieve your goal

- whom you can trust to provide you the facts as they are

- who always has your best interest at heart

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