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Thank you!

Dear customers, dear colleagues, dear friends of Cyclops,

I would like to start with a big thank you to each and every one of you who has supported us loyally in the last few months.

Who would ever have thought that a virus would have such a huge impact on all of us? Not only in Belgium, in Europe, but all around the globe. COVID-19 has affected us all in one way or the other. As humans, as a family, but surely also as companies, big or small.

Being a service provider primarily for the production industries, Cyclops has - like most of you - known uncertain times. But we have actively searched for business opportunities, and will keep on doing so.

And in the last few weeks, we have started to see positive signs again. Slowly but steadily, our customer’s businesses are restarting. Investments are being looked into and plans for the future are back on the drawing tables. Decisions might be postponed for another few weeks and months, but preparations are being made to make businesses future proof and get our economy rolling again.

At Cyclops, we are confident that our clients will count on us when investment plans are launched again, when projects need to be restarted, when revisions will be made. And we will be ready to provide the necessary project management services to realize turnarounds, expansions and improvement projects.

In order to be ready to give the required support, we have never stopped hiring good project engineers. When everybody zigs, we zag. This and next month, we will reinforce our team with 6 high potentials. We are also reorganizing our business to respond more proactively to our customer’s demands. That is exactly why we have launched 3 new business units. All with a clear focus on Project Management and Engineering, but each in their own specific domain: Industry, Turnaround and Real Estate. More info on the new business units.

We truly believe by investing in talent and disrupting our company by creating new business units, we will make sure that we can help all of our clients to realize their growth projects for the near future.

We really look forward to see all of your businesses grow again.

Keep safe and good luck!

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