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Shutdown at Cosucra

COSUCRA has been a loyal client ever since the start of Cyclops. Always investing in production capacity and innovating towards a green future, Cosucra formed a partnership with Cyclops to help manage multiple projects in their wide portfolio.

During the current Panoramix project, multiple engineers are working on a brown field capacity increase. Their challenge is to build a large new factory amid the “warzone” of the existing, continuously running factory. This presents many difficulties, such as limited space, suboptimal working environments, and the need for highly phased site works. However, largest challenge in this is that some work cannot be executed and some connections just cannot be made while the factory is running.

Therefore, the game was on during the recent shut down at Cosucra. During a time window of as little as 30 hours, PE Bart was responsible for executing work that, under normal circumstances, would take more than a 1000 manhours. In only a short but very packed week, PE’s Romain and Lore were responsible for the opening of an old roof, taking out an old production line, move some of the existing equipment around, installing a new line, test and carefully build a new roof. Months of preparation were invested in the project to assure that every detail was prepared, every possible scenario was known, and every intervention could be executed safely, even during these corona times. All of this in close collaboration with the production and maintenance crews, for whom this also was a tightly packed and stressful week of interventions.

The hard preparations bore fruit and no thanks to quite a bit of rain and wind, the interventions

were executed with a 100% accuracy, 0 accidents and even a little ahead

of schedule. Due to Corona the ensuing party was sensible, but not less well-deserved.

We would like to thank COSUCRA and Panoramix project manager Alain Messens for giving usthe opportunity to keep working on these exciting and challenging projects!

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