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"There is no lack of challenges at Cyclops!"

After having completed his master in Chemical Engineering Technology, Cédric joined the Belgian Solar Team to compete in the World Solar Challenge. In 2020 he joined Cyclops and was given the opportunity to pursue his appetite for challenges and development. Read below Cédric's experience as a project engineer for our company.

“As a freshly graduated student in Chemical Engineering Technology & Postgraduate Innovation & Entrepreneurship at KU Leuven, I already have had a taste of projects at the Agoria Solar Team where I’ve competed in the World Solar Challenge 2019 in Australia with a group of 19 students. Since the latter had been such an amazing experience, I wanted to develop myself further in projects. During my search for a next challenge, I could find myself in the way Cyclops was described: Ambitious people, Challenging exciting projects, personal development, flexibility and most importantly fun! I did not hesitate and I applied. After a few meetings and interesting talks with HR, a senior Project Manager and the CEO, I’ve got the chance to join Cyclops in July 2020 and start my professional career as a Project Engineer.

Since my first day, I was immediately submerged in the very exciting world of Project Management and I am still evolving and learning new things nowadays. I have had the chance to manage a project in the Food sector from concept to execution phase and start-up which was an amazing opportunity to develop my soft and hard skills. Next to that, I did a short feasibility study in Real Estate which sharpened also my critical thinking. Currently, I am happy to be working in a team which is doing a feasibility design for a project in the Food sector abroad. That being said, there is no lack of challenges at Cyclops!

At Cyclops, you are surrounded by a group of amazing colleagues. All of my colleagues are ambitious, smart, social and fun people which are always open to help me whenever I have questions! Even though the colleagues are at different projects everywhere in Belgium and abroad, we still get to see each other during our Trainings, Team Buildings, Evenings organized by our very own Fun Team!

Cyclops is a very agile company which is in full growth and which encourages employees to contribute to the growth and development of the company. I am very happy to be asked for my opinion and to be part of the development of Cyclops and I am sure that I will get a lot of chances and challenges in doing so!”

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